Woodstown Police seek information after reported suspicious vehicle on Saturday

Police seek information on suspicious vehicle in Woodstown on Sat. Jan. 8th

WOODSTOWN (January 8, 2017) — This Saturday at approx. 6:00 PM members of the Woodstown Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle at 53 North Main Street.

Upon arrival, the vehicle was no longer there but police spoke to the witness who reported the incident. The vehicle was described as a gray-striped, white van with an unknown PA registration.

According to the police report, the suspicious vehicle was seen parked in downtown Woodstown at approximately 3:00 PM.

A white male driver occupied the vehicle with an adult female. Additionally, several children were seen within the back of the vehicle. The witness expressed concern because the children were banging on the van’s windows in a manner that was unusual.

After further investigation, Woodstown Police were unable to locate the suspicious vehicle. Criminal activity has not been connected to the vehicle at the present time, according to police.

If you have additional information on the above incident contact the Woodstown Police Dept. at 856-769-2121


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