Happy 105th Birthday Irma A. Humphreys of Pennsville, NJ

Pennsville resident Irma A. Humphreys celebrates 105th birthday on Tuesday March 6th

Irma A. Humphreys celebrated her 105th birthday earlier this week on March 6th with friends and family members along with Pennsville Mayor Robert McDade

Born March 6, 1912 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Irma was the fifth born child of Louise and Harry Clark. In total, Mr. and Mrs. Clark had eight children.

Irma was the mother of five children. After raising four of them and while still raising the fifth, she attended nursing school in the evenings, while during the day she worked. Irma received her nursing degree and began working for Delaware State Hospital as an O.R. Nurse.

In 1974, she retired after twenty (20) years of service. Irma had seventeen (17) grandchildren and many more great grandchildren (along with great, great grandchildren). Irma still goes out and gets her hair done at the salon! She loves going out with family to lunch and highly enjoys listening to music.

“It was with great honor I was able to attend Irma’s 105th birthday celebration,” stated Pennsville Mayor Robert McDade. At the 105th birthday celebration on Tuesday, McDade presented a resolution to Irma A. Humphreys recognizing the amazing life she has lived and its profound influence upon hundreds of others throughout the local area.

Irma Humphreys was and is such a sweet lady. She was blessed with such a loving family,many of whom were there to help celebrate her special day along with friends from Lindsey Place.

Happy Birthday Irma, 105 years young and counting!


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