Freeholder Director Acton and Lt. Governor

Julie Acton resigns as Salem County Freeholder Director

Above: Julie Acton with New Jersey Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. Photo taken on Jan. 27th, 2014 at SNJFA’s 2014 reorganization meeting. Acton received the “Southern Star” Award by the Southern New Jersey Freeholders’ Association in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.

Julie Acton steps down from position as Salem County Freeholder Director: “The approval to reduce the Freeholder Board from 7 to 5 members effectively voids the 3-year term that I was elected to serve.”

SALEM, NJ — Freeholder Director Julie Acton resigned from the Board of Chosen Freeholders effective December 9, 2016 according to an early morning press release.

Julie Acton has served on the Salem County Freeholder Board since 2007 including her recent reelection in this year’s general election. Acton was the first female to hold the position of Director in Salem County, serving in that capacity for the last four years.

Dale Cross said, “Julie has been a member of the board since I was elected in 2008. She was the first woman to hold the Director title, which speaks volumes in regards to her character and personality. Her dedication to the residents of Salem County will be sorely missed.”

Acton has made a positive impact on Salem County government and our community. She enhanced operations within the County by establishing public workshop meetings as a way have all Freeholders participate in discussions. Also, Acton spearheaded the development of opportunities for residents to learn more about Salem County’s government through the Government 101 series. Furthermore, Acton was integral helping to reduce the debt (according to the Salem County’s press release).

“I have always admired Director Acton’s dedication to the residents of Salem County. [Acton’s] love for Salem County and its people is evidenced by the countless hours spent working to make [it] a better place. She will be missed by many. I wish her much happiness in the next chapter of her life,” stated Stacy Pennington, Director of Operations.

Until 1/4/17, Deputy Freeholder Director Dale Cross to serve as Acting Freeholder Director

Dale Cross, Deputy Freeholder Director will assume the duties and will be Acting Director until the annual Freeholder Reorganization meeting to on January 4, 2017.

Julie Acton, Director, stated, “I have always committed whatever time necessary to implement the positive changes, debt reduction, and fiscal controls you called for to bring county government back under sound financial policies.”

See the resignation letter released by Salem County officials this morning below. Additionally, County employees were informed of the resignation yesterday prior to public release. County officials stated that they “wanted to provide [employees] an opportunity to hear the news directly from [Salem County Freeholder] Deputy [Dale] Cross before [the information] became public.

Official resignation letter from Julie Acton distributed yesterday Dec. 9th to County employees:


salem county freeholder director julie acton resignation 2016

Previously, Acton was presented SNJFA’s “Southern Star Award” & known to be active within many local organizations:

In 2007, Acton began serving on the Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders. In 2014, she was the recipient of Southern New Jersey Freeholders’ Association’s “Southern Star Award” in January 2014. The award recognized her “distinguished service in [her] home county.” Also, the annual award is given to a SNJFA member who also “fosters the cooperative spirit among the eight member County Governments & affiliated organizations.”

The article from 3/14 recognized her for her community involvement serving on boards within several non-profits.



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