2002 Silver Ford Ranger which Mr. John Anderson of Winslow Twp. was driving while reported missing.

Winslow Twp. 79 yr-old man missing. Last seen at Sunoco in Elmer on 10/10

UPDATED on 10/12 at 3:12 PM

John Anderson of Winslow Twp. was found uninjured but confused by his grandson along Route 13 in Odessa, Delaware late this morning (10/12/16). He was taken to the closest hospital after his location was pinpointed by speaking to another motorist who engaged with and/or helped the Winslow Twp. man while stopped at the Sunoco in Elmer.

The man who helped Anderson at the Sunoco on Monday night (where Anderson was last seen) happened to see this article and shared it onto social media. The post reflected the awkwardness felt by the fellow citizen after reading that the 79-year-old man that he tried helping with directions was reported missing by his loved ones.

Authorities became aware of the individual’s post and immediately contacted the anonymous man. Fortunately, officials were able to pinpoint Anderson’s whereabouts after speaking to the motorist who tried helping Anderson where he was last seen Sunday night at Elmer Sunoco.

John Anderson was found with no physical injuries. However, he was very confused and a bit shaken up. More details will come as they are obtained by News of Salem County staff.

79-year-old Winslow Twp. man missing since yesterday Sunday Oct. 10th. Last seen at the Sunoco in Elmer, NJ driving a 2002 Silver Ford Ranger.

John Anderson age 79 years of Winslow Twp. last seen in Elmer. Missing since 10/10/16

John Anderson, 79 years-old, of Cedar Crook (Winslow), Camden County has been reported missing by family members. The elderly gentleman is believed to be suffering from the initial stages of Alzheimers (according to a family member). He left his Winslow Twp. home on Sunday afternoon near 1:00 PM. He was last seen at the Sunoco in Elmer at approximately 6:05 PM (getting gas for the above truck).

Mr. John Anderson left his Camden County home around 1:00 PM yesterday to go hiking, which he did quite often – typically in the greater Gibbsboro/Waterford/Voorhees/Atco/Pine Barrens area. When he didn’t return home after a reasonable amount of time, John’s family tried to track him down via GPS on his cell phone. Their inability to connect gives them reason to believe that John’s phone is dead.

John made a transaction at the Elmer Sunoco(purchasing gas)) at approximately 6:00 PM last night, 10/10/16. His daughter watched Sunoco’s surveillance video and positively identified him.

After getting gas, his vehicle – a 2002 Silver Ford Ranger, NJ tags UGW-53T – headed south toward Bridgeton. It should be noted that his grandson lives in Bridgeton. One theory is that he got lost on back roads. It’s also worth noting that John Anderson has a Harley Davidson sticker on the back of his vehicle.

There is no known reason for distress, and no known reason to fear John – a gentle, lovely senior.

Please, share this information to help locate and return John back home to his family and friends. Please contact emergency officials if you run into or have seen the 79-year-old.


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