Salem County FOP endorsement — Ware and Gage for Freeholder 2016

Salem County FOP endorse Ware and Gage for Freeholder in 2016 Election

Salem County FOP announces their endorsement of Ware and Gage for Freeholder 2016 — Decisions made by “current Republican run Freeholder Board have been alarming”

SALEM, NJThe Salem County Old Oak chapter #6 of the Fraternal Order of Police has announced the organization’s endorsement for Candidates Lee Ware and Earl Gage in the upcoming 2016 Freeholder election. The Salem County FOP represents all Municipal and County Law Enforcement agencies in Salem County and are committed to serving the entire Law Enforcement community and the citizens of Salem County.

“The Salem County FOP Political Action Committee met with all Freeholder candidates for interviews and to discuss many of the ongoing issues facing Salem County. Topics included Outsourcing the 911 Center, Privatizing, layoffs, current budget crisis and public safety to name a few,” said FOP President Robert Gant, Sheriffs Officer Lieutenant.

He continued, “Our job in Law Enforcement is to ‘Protect and Serve’ and in doing so we often must look at Officer Safety and Public Safety concerns. We should not have to worry about Balancing the Salem County Budget on the backs of our County workers. But when our Police, Fire and EMS/911 workers are threatened with budget cutbacks, privatization, outsourcing and layoffs, it creates a Public Safety issue for all of our vital services.”

“The decisions that have been made by our current Republican run Freeholder Board have been alarming. Their willingness to give up control of our 911 center to be run by another County should not have even been an option. They have not been transparent with the budget issues and hide behind claims of cost savings and studies being conducted on Outsourcing or Privatizing. None have been shown or proven,” stated Lt. Bob Gant of the Salem County FOP.

Speaking for the local FOP chapter and its members, Lt. Gant said. “We have asked for the alleged studies to be shared with us with negative results. We have even placed an OPRA request for those studies back on July 11th with negative results to date and have maintained that Privatizing does not save money. We question the ability of this current Board to Balance a Budget. This Freeholder Board is not bringing in any business, yet seem to want to give away all the jobs we do have to another County for their added growth. The Budget has been delayed many times and was filled with ‘Assumed’ and ‘Voluntary’ concessions. That is not how you introduce a County Budget.”

“The Salem County Old Oak chapter #6 supports Lee Ware and Earl Gage as they have publicly opposed the threat of privatization of our jail, 911 center, and layoffs. They support the reduction of Freeholders from 7 members to 5, a question that will be on the General Election Ballot this November. We feel that Lee Ware and Earl Gage would be more transparent with the public and willing to negotiate in a fair manner in finding solutions together.”

Salem County FOP Facebook Post of the Chapter sign endorsement on Route 49

Above: A recent Facebook Post by the SalemCounty OldOak account stating “Remember in November” with an image of the local FOP chapter’s sign on Rte. 49 in Pennsville Twp.


After learning of the endorsement from the Salem County FOP Old Oak Lodge which was named New Jersey FOP Lodge of the Year in 2016 by (chosen from the 152 FOP lodges in New Jersey) just last month on September 21st; current Freeholder and 2016 Freeholder Candidate Lee Ware stated the following:

We can’t tell you how much this endorsement means to us. Earl and I have always had an excellent working relationship with all areas of Law Enforcement; from the officers at the Sheriff’s Department and Correctional Facility to the members of the 911 Emergency Services department and Prosecutor’s Office to the fine Police Officers protecting our communities.”


Current Salem City Councilman and 2016 Freeholder Candidate Earl Gage added, “We appreciate all law enforcement and first responders do for this County day in and day out.  We thank you for this endorsement and for the support of this outstanding organization!”

“The recent endorsement of the local NJEA is deeply appreciated, as well,” stated Gage.


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