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May 2015 Crime Totals from Pennsville Police

Pennsville Twp. – ┬áThe monthly summary regarding the Pennsville Police Department activities for the month of May 2015 is as follows:

Officers responded to 2,038 Calls.

Summary of Traffic Summonses

401 Summonses Issued out of 254 Motor Vehicle Stops.

  • 03 DWI Arrests
  • 26 Speeding
  • 12 Careless Driving
  • 00 Parking
  • 360 Other

Traffic Accidents

– 25 Motor Vehicle Accidents Reported

  • 3 with reported injuries
  • 0 Fatalities

Warrant Arrests

  • 57 Warrant Arrests were made.

Criminal Investigations

  • 07 Burglaries
  • 00 Aggravated Assault
  • 01 Robbery
  • 05 Drug Arrests
  • 21 Theft Complaints
  • 06 Shoplifting
  • 11 Simple Assaults
  • 00 Motor Vehicle Theft
  • 01 Weapons Complaint
  • 29 Domestic Violence Complaints
  • 02 Sex Offenses
  • 13 Juvenile Complaints
  • 15 Disorderly Complaints
  • 05 Criminal Mischief Complaints
  • 14 Harassment Complaints
  • 37 Suspicious Persons
  • 29 Suspicious Vehicles
  • 376 Property Checks

Chief Allen J. Cummings


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