Two men arrested for string of burglaries and thefts in Pennsville

Earlier this morning (1/13/15) Ezra C. Evans III (M/29) of Pennsville and Zachary J. Shimp (M/22), also of Pennsville, were arrested and charged with multiple counts of Burglary and Theft of several air conditioner units throughout the Township. Patrol officers along with Detectives from the Pennsville Police Department were able to gather evidence and pin the offenses down to Evans and Shimp.

Both individuals had been going from residence to residence removing the interior parts of the air conditioner units and getting transportation to a scrap metal facility in Camden where the components were exchanged for money. The damages and thefts to these units exceeded over $20,000.00.

Evans was charged with (9) Counts of Theft, (3) Counts of Burglary and (1) Count of Trespassing. Shimp was charged with (6) Counts of Theft, (1) Count of Burglary and (1) Count of Trespassing.

“This was excellent police work.” stated Pennsville Police Chief Allen Cummings and continued, “The thing that bothers me is the amount of money it will cost the homeowner to replace these units.”

Chief Cummings brought up a concerning issue that seems to be an issue at local junkyards in the area: “Also, why are the scrap metal businesses allowing individuals to bring this property to them for money.”


Ezra Evans

Ezra C. Evans

Zachary Shimp

Zachary Shimp


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  • Anonymous

    I believe the scrap company should be cited as well. I also believe citations should be stiff for the scrap companies making them thing twice about paying these thieves money only to make it more enticing to continue their life of crime. Repeat offenders (I believe Shimp and Evans are) need to be given harsh punishment. Apparently the punishment they have received in the past didn’t make them change their ways. If they are not repeat offenders and I am wrong I apologize. Yet another reason for people not to move into our, once quaint little town.

  • IsItahlsed

    Two young men/boys were actually trying to earn a few $$ and they were STOPPED from shoveling ppls yards simply b/c they had no licenses as if they were a freaking corp! Where is the jobs & who owns anything anymore esp. in Salem county (Pennsville)? I must add that that happened in NY. However NJ follows the worst from other city’s like NY/DE.MARYLAND! How bout ppl in NJ paying DE taxes, (using Bridge) follow that will ya NJ! NJ does nothing for me/us but take/steal & help not!

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