Severe Winter Weather for January 7th through 9th, 2015

Severe winter weather alert: Tips for survival in expected frigid weather

Tonight (Jan. 7th, 2015)  is expected to be the coldest and most dangerous weather that we’ve experienced this winter. Seriously, we live in the northeast and are pretty resilient when the cold and snow bares down on us, however, we thought it appropriate to share some tips on dealing with the cold before temperatures plummet into the single digits this evening and are only expected to reach into the low 20ºs. Along with the 15 to 25 mph. wind gusts expected, it is expected to be severe, frigid temperatures.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself, neighbors, and, of course, your pets for the next few days:

  • Always, check on your elderly family, friends, and neighbors. Make sure their home’s heat is working correctly and that they have plenty of water and food over the next couple days. Also, be sure to help have their sidewalks salted and shoveled.
  • Remember, if you’re cold so are your pets! Bring them inside on nights like this, even if it’s for a night or two. If the indoors isn’t an option, make sure they have shelter with hay or blankets along with plenty of water. But, over the next couples nights while temperatures expect to reach such low numbers, bring them in if you can.
  • Bundle up and layer, layer, layer at all times if possible. If you’re one of the unfortunate that has to work outside, you most likely know better than anyone! Keep the extremities covered; fingers and toes can get frostbite very quickly, also, cover up your mouth and nose.
  • Weather proof your house (if you haven’t already done so). Cover up your pipes downstairs (if you have a basement) and make sure your heater is running properly. Keep drapes and curtains open where the sun is coming through and be sure to close them when it’s not in order to help keep the draft out. Make sure you have a “survival” kit and a back up for heat in case of lose of power.
  • Has your car had it’s winter check-up? Make sure your battery is good along with its connections not corroded and tight, tires properly inflated and keep as much fuel in your gas tank as possible. You don’t want to run out of gas on our many rural roads. Also, make sure you have packed a warm blanket, water, flashlight, some snacks, flares, and other necessities in case you are stranded somewhere that has low traffic. And, always stay with your vehicle, don’t wander off trying to find help. You can get disoriented very quickly in extreme cold.

Be safe and most of all be prepared! It’s only January, and the cold weather will be with us for a while.


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