The News of Salem County Voted "Best Online Business in Salem County" 2014

Thank You Salem County

NOSC receives Best of Salem County Recognition

We at The News of Salem County have received humbling word that we have been voted the “Best Online Business of Salem County” in the The Best of Salem County Awards 2014. Even as one who skims the dictionary for the fun of new vocabulary, I find myself struggling for words to express our sincere thanks.  Some how, “Thank you, Salem County,” just doesn’t seem enough.

We didn’t start this adventure all that long ago.  It was just last October when I told the team that I’d give it a year to see where things go.  That group of wonderfully diverse experience, age, and skill, really only had passion in common.  We all felt the call to provide a service to our fellow men and women, but the vast majority of people in the room had never even managed a high school sports team let alone a business.  That didn’t stop anyone from trying very hard to fulfill a rapidly changing demand for local news consumption and delivery.

We’ve done what felt right and what we thought served the people best.  We haven’t always reached our goals in the most efficient or practical ways, but there are very few models to follow with what we do.  Print in general is disappearing rapidly because of our constant ‘on the go’ and’ in demand’ lifestyles.  It is also expensive and creates a great deal of waste.  How have we done it?  How do we provide you with what we do?

Our offices are our laptops, phones, cars, notepads, and sometimes napkins.  We don’t have the burden of being limited to filling a 2″ wide column with a 200 character story.  We hear about an issue or a cause, and we try to put ourselves into it and gather as much as we can.  We attempt to do this without gimmicks, shock value, or hype.  We do our absolute best to be humble, honest, and get to as many things as we can that impact your lives here in Salem County, NJ.

While our editing isn’t perfect (mea culpa,) our aim is true.  As a young start-up, we are still growing and learning.  We’re almost making enough money that we don’t have to worry about hosting, but we’re still volunteer.  We can nearly cover our expenses but not always, though we try.  Today reaffirms why that’s more than okay.

The one common theme to all of our discussions going back to the very beginning was to make an impact.  We wanted to be trusted and provide a valuable service where we saw a need and when the only credibility we had was our individual names and relationships.  Let’s face it.  Newspapers aren’t cheap to operate and Salem County isn’t considered an affluent area.  Our established competitors had to cater to other areas where they saw growth and opportunity to stay afloat.  Capitalism does that.  Our lack of fear at the possibility of failure and our mindset that money would be great eventually kept us typing.  Your readership, interaction, and appreciation kept us going.  We just didn’t realize how much until today.

I wish I had something clever to say.  Thank you, Salem County, will just have to do.  Being accepted in your homes is a responsibility we don’t take lightly, and we hope you’ll allow us to continue to earn that place.  We appreciate the honor of “Best Online Business of Salem County” for the year, and we graciously thank and appreciate you.

See the full list of winner’s via Salem County Chamber of Commerce’s Email newsletter by clicking the below link:


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