People for Animals offering “Neuter Scooter” to County residents

Carneys Point–People for Animals has announced that “Neuter Scooter” is  now available to Salem County residents. This new service will be providing free transportation from the  Salem County Community College located at 460 Hollywood Ave in Carneys Point Township on Thursday, June 19 and Thursday, July 24.   ‘The Neuter Scooter’ will be meeting pet owners then transporting the pets to their spay/neuter clinic located in Robbinsville NJ. All clients are offered the same low cost high quality services. For those who need to get to work in the morning providing transportation makes it more convenient for them to have their pets spayed or neutered.

Several of Salem County’s Veterinarians have been providing much needed spay/neuter services to residents, People for Animals is trying to reach the people not seeking out the service or people who think it is not affordable.

People for Animals Neuter Scooter Services have been operating for over 10 years.  A person can have their cat spayed or neutered for $75 and a dog will cost between $110 and $140 depending on sex and size of the dog.

These prices include a physical examination of the pet to be sure the pet is a good candidate for surgery and vaccines for rabies and distemper if the pet is in need of the vaccines.

People for Animals is also participating in Petsmart Charities ‘Precious Not Parents’ where owners of cats and dogs under 6 months can receive surgery for a cost of only $20. To schedule an appointment at the  clinic or to take advantage of the Neuter Scooter program please contact the clinic at (609) 208-3252 or visit the website




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