The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us! For some this is a joyous time of year when we get to exchange gifts, express our love for our significant others and eat chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. For others, the ones of us who are unattached this day is a reminder of what we don’t have, true love. And if you’re like me, super picky with lots of trust issues even thinking about Valentine’s Day can be exhausting. But do not fear! Even if you’re riding solo this Valentine’s Day that doesn’t mean you can’t have a terrific time! Here are some ideas for all the singles ladies out there on Valentine’s Day:

1. Have A Spa Night-Bring out the nail polish, the face masks, the bath salts, and the finest soaps you have. Give yourself a relaxing at home spa night! This is perfect for all the single ladies out there in need of some TLC. And if you’re so inclined light up a few scented candles!

2. Have A Valentine’s Day Party For Singles-Who says you can’t go out on Valentine’s Day just because you’re unattached? Bars are the perfect setting for a V-day party since all the couples will be out at the fancy expensive restaurants. So gather your single friends and party it up at your local watering hole.

3. Have An Ex-Boyfriend Bonfire-I got this one from Friends! Remember when Phoebe, Monica and Rachel had a bonfire in their apartment and burned all their ex-boyfriend’s belongings? Well try not to burn down your house, but if you do you might meet some cute firefighters! All kidding aside it can be pretty cathartic to get rid of all the gifts, pictures and souvenirs you acquired from your ex. In fact if you don’t even need fire, if you have a shredder that’s good enough, hell even a garbage can will work. Just invite all your single lady friends over and encourage them to bring their ex-boyfriends crap and get rid of the evidence he ever existed together!

4. Have a Girls/Sex And The City Marathon-What better way for a single girl to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by binge watching her favorite girly shows? These two are definitely my favorites and go to shows when I’m going through a breakup. And of course there are others out there, so go ahead and pick your favorite show to binge watch, or better yet choose a new show to indulge in. I find the girl-power themed shows to be the best!

5. Have An All Girls Slumber Party-Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday night this year and that means we can stay up all night without having to worry about work in the morning! Yes I know we’re in our twenties, but there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned slumber party! Plus you can do all of the above activities at your grownup sleepover! So buy a few bottles of wine, lots of chocolate, get netflix ready and invite the girls over!

Any other Valentine’s Day suggestions? Post them in the comments section below!

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