Invasion of the Drones

Drones are the next big thing in real estate marketing!

Marketing homes for sale that was once reserved for high end luxury homes were aerial photos and videos.  You needed a camera crew, production crew, and most of all a helicopter.  With recent advances in technology there is now another way,  a drone.  Not exactly the drone you are used to hearing about in the news, but an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).  Hobbyists have been flying these for years.  And now companies including Amazon are considering them for deliveries, and others are considering using them for real estate even here in Salem County, NJ.

The advantages to using a UAV to take photos and videos offers a different perspective on the home.  Not every view, especially views from 400 feet up are appealing for the home.  However, views perhaps from 20-30 feet off the ground offer views that were never available and show more of the home.  A common question in real estate is what does the property back up to?  This question can now be answered by a simple photo.

 scott kompa home

A photo from the ground simply cannot show the magnitude of the home.


Aerial View of Home

Aerial View of Home

Another Aerial Shot

Another Aerial Shot


Shot of backyard

Shot of backyard


The aerial photos put the home in it’s proper perspective and shows just how large it actually is.

The use of UAV’s has brought about questions of privacy.  The FAA is due to release a new set of rules for their use in the near future.

Until then enjoy the following video from Saddy Delgado from One Sotheby’s Realty.

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