News of Salem County staff photo taken by Zachary Ahl of Daretown Lake in Upper Pittsgrove, NJ

The Lakes of Salem County: Daretown Lake

The Lakes of Salem County, New Jersey — Daretown Lake in Upper Pittsgrove Twp.

Daretown Lake, located on CR 635/Woodstown-Daretown Rd. in Upper Pittsgrove Township, is a public fishing area which is open daily from dawn to dusk, just make sure you have the proper NJ State fishing permits for fishing. According to NJ Fish Finder, the lake has Large Mouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, catfish, perch and many more species. The public parking area is on Fox’s Mill Rd, where you can pull off the road and follow the trail from the parking lot along the lakes spill-over and continue along the freshwater stream.

The lake is bordered by farmland and a thick forest. You may spot Great Blue Heron, which you can watch catch fish. The water is clear enough to see a various species of creatures, including the musk turtles. Follow the stream to an ideal habitat for Hairy, Downy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers.

What to look for through the seasons

During the winter months you can look for and identify the nocturnal animal tracks near Daretown Lake. The trail is abundant with skunks, rabbit, deer and fox. You might even hear a Great Horned Owl or Screech Owl in the early evening.

Spring brings a whole new life back to the trails around Daretown Lake. Wildlife and its evidence are everywhere. Animal tracks, stream-side life, and songbirds are often best observed on an early morning walk.

In the summer months, cool off with a walk through the forest, but don’t forget the insect repellent. Once among the old trees, look for woodpecker holes and you may find an active nest. Purple Martins line up on the telephone wires above the lake, scanning for insects. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds zoom around the forest searching out blooms from which to nectar.

NOSC staff photos and more:

Daretown Lake reeds and Bridge from mill endDaretown lake photo taken by Jennifer Roth

Other end of Daretown Lake photo taken by Jennifer Roth

Daretown Lake by Time Elmer

Above: Daretown Lake taken by Tim Elmer

Old Mill at Daretown Lake photo taken by Frank Ruczynski

Pictured above: Old Mill at Daretown Lake photo taken by Frank Ruczynski


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