Bostwick Lake in Alloway, NJ

The Lakes of Salem County: Bostwick Lake

Beautiful lakes throughout Salem County, NJ: Bostwick Lake

Bostwick Lake is a 32 acre lake that stretches across the borders of Salem and Cumberland Counties. The lake’s public parking and access point is located on 177 Friesburg Road Bridgeton, NJ. However, this lake lies within the Salem County Municipality of Alloway Township and the Cumberland County towns of Upper Deerfield and Hopewell. Its GPS coordinates are 39°31’47,-75°16’3, and you can view the lake on Google Maps by clicking the following link:

Bostwick Lake serves as a public lake to fish, spend time with family and friends, and to be alone with Mother Nature. Not only is this lake important for recreation but it is also a key part of the Cohansey River. The Cohansey runs approximately 30 miles from its headwaters in Salem County (Bostwick Lake and Cool Run waterways) through Cumberland County and into Cohansey Cove on Delaware Bay.

The lake has free public parking along Friesburg Rd., a “Car-Top” boat launching area, and also has public shore fishing access area. There are no outboard motors allowed on the lake. One thing to take note of before going onto Bostwick Lake is the large underbrush and old plant growth that was flourishing in the once empty lake. This is why you see branches and other wildlife growth emerging atop the lake’s waterline in the pictures below.

Though Bostwick Lake may seem like your ordinary lake, it has been through a lot over the past 14 years! Bostwick Lake’s dam soon failed to work in 1999 after Hurricane Floyd dropped a vast amount of rain on the area. The lake soon became merely a “muddy pit” after the hurricane in Sept. of 1999 all of the way till the summer of 2009. It was on July 9th, 2009 that Bostwick Lake was reopened to the public and fish were released to try and restore the habitat.

In the September of 2010, officials decided to stop renting out space to campers because the rental revenue was not covering the costs required for the ability to allow camping. So, officials deemed the lake a “quasi park and picnic area” and, at the current time, is just that.




Bostwick Lake's Dam

Plant Matter Buildup on the Lake

Plant Matter Buildup on the Lake

Western Side of Bostwick Lake

Eastern Side of Bostwick Lake in Alloway Twp., New Jersey


Closeup of Eastern Side of the lake

One of the many beautiful lakes throughout Salem County, NJ

Bostwick Lake Sign

Closeup of Bostwick Lake's Dam near border of Salem County and Cumberland County

Wideview of Bostwick Lake in Alloway Township, New Jersey


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